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ikon kitchens home survey
Home Survey

Kitchen Designers are faced with lots of challenges, not least those with regards to architectural constraints and restrictions.


Kitchens are often seen as putting little boxes into one big box but the shape of the big box, the period of the big box and the construction of the big box plays a huge part in developing a design solution that meets not only the client brief, aspirations and budget, but works with the constraints of the room.


No two walls are straight, ceilings have trusses, beams as well as slopes in them. Pipework is boxed in, walls could be plastered in lime plaster and floors uneven. Existing units can hide water mains, meters and ducting. The reality is – you need to see and know just what you are dealing with before you can come up with a design solution. 


When things go wrong during installation its generally because potential issues have not been flagged up, due to an inadequate survey or no survey at all.


The  initial consultation in our showroom and home survey provides us with a preliminary understanding of your interests and preferences, while allowing you the opportunity to become familiar with our capabilities. During our first meeting, information will be gathered from you regarding style preferences, functional requirements and budget.  The design process is a two-way process and your input is every bit as important as our experience and ideas.


Once we have put together a preliminary floor plan and proposal, we will arrange for you to come back to the showroom where  All of the plans will remain the property of .


Using the latest photo realistic computer software watch in amazement as your virtual designs are projected onto large plasma screens. The designs can be changed and modified to your individual requirements and printed as photographs for you to take home.

ikon kitchens free design
ikon kitchens installation

We use only finest subcontractors, with an in depth personal knowledge of our products and your requirements. These fitters are committed to ensuring that every detail of your kitchen is completed to the highest possible standards.


Before construction begins, we will provide you with "M & E drawings, containing all the information you will need about your new design project.


Whilst the installation is in progress ikon will remain in close contact with you throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves in creating the minimum amount of disruption for out clients.


We are confident that you will love our team’s superior craftsmanship as they install your beautiful new design.

Standard survey and design fee £180.00 including VAT.  Plans and images released.
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